Friday, April 29, 2005

Jude Alternative to JavaDoc

Today Computer:

1)Simple Host Authentication for Java (Shaj):
- MS Windows version:
- Unix-like system version:
With this wrapper It is able to write program with authorization function from the Domain Control!!!

Today Focus:

2) Jude:
A replacement to JavaDoc:

After downloading you can run:
java -jar jude.jar -autojuice
to generate javadoc data for Jude
However, be remind the following:
1) java file in the above file should be the one of JDK and the should be in the JDK directory
2) You can Download the SUn's Javadoc file and unzip them in the JDK directory so Jude will have richer Information

Type the following command in command line or write then to a Batch/Command file
java -jar jude.jar
The Default Listening port is 2009 but you can change it this way:
java -jar jude.jar -port 80
Beside, you can specific the Jude's javadoc data:
java -jar jude.jar myapi.jude

After running, I found the DOS prompt from that execute java is very ugly, and It can't find the java.jude file in its data directory!!! so i wrote my run.bat as below:

javaw -jar "c:\Jude\jude.jar" "c:\Jude\java.jude" -port 80

Then you can close the ugly DOS prompt without closing Jude and able to access Jude by typing "localhost" or "" in your Mozilia !!!! (of course if you have an apache server you can change port 80 to port 8888 :)

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