Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Top 10 Programmers Excuses

Source: http://www.cenriqueortiz.com/weblog/General/?permalink=Developers-Top-10-replies-when-code-doesnt-work.html

have fun !!!
Top 10 replies by developers when their programs don't work:
10. 'That's weird...'
9. 'It's never done that before.'
8. 'It worked yesterday.'
7. 'You must have the wrong version.'
6. 'It works, but it hasn't been tested.'
5. 'Somebody must have changed my code.'
4. 'Did you check for a virus?'
3. 'Where were you when the program blew up?'
2. 'Why do you want to do it that way?'

and finally ...

1. 'I thought I fixed that.'

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