Thursday, April 04, 2013

Network Calculator Pro 4.0.1 for BlackBerry

Whats News:

Complete revamp UI for Blackberry L10 and Tablets !!!!


This app is specific designed to content the network engineers and students. This app provides real-time calculation and easy-to-use history lookup and copy-and-paste functionality to boost the working and learning efficiency.

The app supports the followings:

  0) CIDR Calculation
  1) Convert Decimal IP to Binary IP
  2) Convert Decimal IP to Hexadecimal IP
  3) Calculate the IP Lookup range
  4) Calculate subnet mask
  5) Calculate available IP address
  6) Support Both IPv4 and IPv6
  7) History for quick re-calculation
  8) Auto-completion
  9) CCNA learning
  10) helper for installing router
  11) multi-language interface including : English, Japanese, Chinese



Network Calculator Pro From BlackBerry AppWorld

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